11. (Hybrid) Symposium Communications for Energy Systems

Program (on-site and online)

Monday, 22. November 2021


9:30 - 10:30


Keynote: Learnings from C/Sells
Ole Langniß, Energie & Analyse

The ComForEn 2021 Self Optimization Challenge

Session 1

10:35 -12:15

Overview of the legal framework for energy communities in different EU member states
Marie-Theres Holzleitner, Energieinstitut Linz

Approaches for data management in energy communites
Stephan Cejka, Siemens AG Österreich

Intregration of sustainable energy solutions in energy communities
Lorena Skiljan, Nobile Group

ICT Design for Community-empowered Sustainable Multi-Vector Energy Islands
Sonja Klingert & Hermann De Meer, Universität Passau

Foreign affairs - how an energy community shall be interconnected with the outside world
Bernadette Fina, AIT

Lunch 12:15 - 13:15

Session 2
How to Energy Communitiy?

13:15 - 14:35

Energy Communities in practice: from setup to operation in Austria
Michael Niederkofler, Act4.Energy

Plan4.Energy - A planning tool for energy communities
Branislav Iglar, AIT

A platform for energy management in communities
Norbert Dorfinger, Salzburg AG und Michael Zellinger, BEST Research

Solution PowerQuartier in the context of renewable energy communities according to the Austrian EAG regulation
Liliane Ableitner, Exnaton AG

Coffeebreak 14:35 - 15:05

Session 3
ICT Solutions for Energy Communities across Europe

15:05 - 17:00

Introduction - International efforts on solutions for Energy Communities (requested)
Ludwig Karg, BAUM

Using Flexibility Offered by End User Owned Energy Assets (ERA-Net Project SONDER)
Gerald Franzl, Technische Universität Wien

Austrian pilot community in Gasen, Styria (ERA-NET Project CLUE)
Gregor Taljan, Energienetze Steiermark und Martin Auer, Gemeinde Gasen (AT)

Energy demand analysis to support decision-making processes (ERA-NET Project REDAP)
Niall Conway, Spacial Outlook Ltd.

Multi Energy Virtual Power Plant (MEVPP) of the H2020 Project LocalRES
Evelyn Heylen, Centrica Business Solution

Energy management with electric vehicles, H2020 Project SENDER
Olivier Genest, Trialog

End Day 1

Tuesday, 23. November 2021

Session 1
Reduction of the complexity of ICT systems

09:00 - 10:20

Learnings from the Healthcare Industry for the energy sector
Stefan Sauermann, FH Technikum Wien

ICT interoperability and architectures for energy communities
Ioulia Papaioannou, EC Joint Research Center

State of energy system digitalisation in Germany - Results of the SINTEG program
Mathias Uslar, OFFIS

Project ECOSINT - Developing a well-rounded LEC architecture that integrates well into the grid
Oliver Langthaler, FH Salzburg

Solutions for Energy payment and trading in communities
Thomas Zeinzinger, Lab10 Collective e.G.

Results and Winners of the ComForEn Self-Optimisation Challenge 2021

10:20 - 10:40

The Vienna U2/U5 construction site & Lunch

11:00 - 14:00

Deep dive session going underground


14:00 - 16:15

BIFROST - A narrative simulation tool for Smart Energy scenarios - Tutorial and hands-on
Franz Zeilinger, Siemens AG Österreich
Daniel Hauer, Siemens AG Österreich / TU Wien

Closing 16:15 - 16:30

End Day 2