12. (Hybrid) Symposium Communications for Energy Systems

Workshops 2023

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Workshops 2021

ComForEn brings together experts from the fields of energy systems and information/communication technology to discuss current issues and challenges against the background of ongoing Austrian research projects in the field of smart grids.
Within the framework of the conference, topic-related workshops will also be held. This offers the opportunity to involve the attending experts and to use the conference as a catalyst for networking. For questions about the workshops, please contact info@comforen.org.

Tuesday afternoon

BIFROST - A narrative simulation tool for Smart Energy scenarios - Tutorial and hands-on

Franz Zeilinger, Siemens AG Österreich (franz.zeilinger@siemens.com)
Daniel Hauer, Siemens AG Österreich / TU Wien (daniel.hauer@siemens.com)

BIFROST is a tool for exploring, building and presenting stories about settlements, communities and quarters pushing to adapt to the climate crisis. It offers simulation orchestration and creative tools to quickly explore variegated scenarios, with the ultimate goals of reducing complexity and presenting technological solutions. It fosters engagement in decision processes, and enables integrative discussions across a range of expertise levels.

What can you expect from this workshop?

·       Introduction to BIFROST

·       Presentation of various BIFROST projects (including hands-on session)

·       Possibility to interact with BIFROST and build your own community

BIFROST is currently being used in the following national and international research projects: